PREPER was founded in 1985. Its goal is to manufacture flexible connection, replacing imported american products into the canadian market.

Since its beginning, Preper has become a leader in manufacturing solid gaskets for sewer and draining pipes.

Over the years, Preper has developped a range of exclusive products, related, serving the aqueduct and plumbing canadian market. The distribution of our products is possible with a wholesaler network available trough the country.

Thanks to our experience, we have acquired over the years a reputation of excellence as well as a fast and reliable customer service.


Always ready and constantly innovating, we beleive in developping new products meeting the requirements of our distinguished customers.

We are proud to welcome you on our new site, and hope that it will answer your questions, on both the technical information and installation method of our products.

Have a good visit!

Conceptrice du site, Judith Leclerc